Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Withmic Stwains of the Hawnting Refwain

Hello out there,

Here's a few cartoons that I did for a law school newspaper based in Chicago called The Chicago Kent School of Law. I've had the duties of cartooning for the paper for about 3 years. I did the layout for about a year and a half too. These are the most recent cartoons completed this weekend.
The first has to do with banned books. Next we have a lame couple of protestors. They had me do a logo for the Restaurant Review portion of the paper. The final has to do with annoying sports announcers on tv. Feel free to comment and if you have cartoons you're throwing up on this thing, lead me to em'.

-Mad Taylor

1 comment:

keenan said...

your stuffs really cool! ..... mmmmm ... bendy! =) ... could you also post some more of the john k and clampett things it looks really interesting!