Friday, September 22, 2006

One Friday Evening

More changes requested today on our project. Our client proved to be a little narcisistic and didn't like his caricature throught the piece. Also we were told to throw in some humor...finally! So it won't be up this weekend yet like I was hoping...sorry.

Here's the picture I promised yesterday that was inspired by The Ghost Dance Sequence from the Adventures of Goopy and Bagha.

I want to catch the Jackass movie this weekend...and it's possible I may be getting my own animation desk. I think once I get that it's going to change my life. I've gone pretty much my whole life without my own true drawing board. 4 years of art school and not a single drawing board, can you believe it??? My computer took up the one they furnished in the dorms. When I was young I got to use my dad's. When he had to sit at it though I was given a splintery wood board to draw on, which sat on my lap. I hope finally having an inclined surface, with a light underneath to boot, will finally get me speeding down the path of true animatordom.

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