Friday, September 22, 2006

One Friday Morning


I'm currently in the Santa Monica studio working away at 1:30 am. I think the deadline for this thing we are working on is tomorrow, but it seems they'd rather make changes too it all the time instead of letting people see it.

I think a good artist knows when to stop, and doesn't make changes anymore on whatever project he or she may be occupied with. I think we could have stopped a while ago. Some of the changes we made were of use, others are just time killers. The worst ones are the ones I know are crap, but they just want to "see." I still put time into it with hopes they like the sight of their own crappy idea. It will be forgotten that they suggested it to you and all of a sudden it's your crappy idea. What a world.

As an artist I got that tinge and that tug on my sleeve from my conscience saying "that'll do, move on." I think this is the green light that goes on in an artists head. I think a crappy artist can't stand to walk away from something and always has the yellow light. "Should I stop or go" they ask themselves. Change change change all the time because whatever it is they work on still reveals their true identity of a crappy indecisive artist.

Take an ax to horses head and make a fatal blow, but keep hacking away at the poor animal and you won't make it any deader.

Wow I need to go home and get some rest. The 10 freeway at 2 am is sure a fun drive, no one is on it really. With some good music it becomes a nice reward after a hard days labor.

I watched a really cool video clip posted by Stephen Worth on Eddie Fitzgerald's blog. I drew a cool picture inspired by it that I will put up here later. Check out the clip here:

Lots of good movements and had me thinking of how good silhouettes can really translate well. Did they have to make changes in this? Maybe not, I like to think it was all improvised and what they got was what they got. Pretty bold.

-Mad Taylor

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