Friday, September 29, 2006

The Influence

No this isn't a blog about this guy here:

After reading John K's recent posts I figured I'd fish around in my head and bring up who 3 of my influences are and share them with you.

Bill Peet is a great influence. My dad used to get me his books out of the library to read and I loved the illustrations in them. Those books always felt very unique to me. He wrote an autobiography aimed at pre teens/teens that was full of his illustrations and covered a lot of personal moments. One of which I'll never forget, he had to draw Donald Duck so many times that he stormed out of the studio screaming "No more Donald Ducks!!!!"

Sam Kieth can take anything and make it rock. He recently did the Batman:Secrets series which is full of some awesome Joker muggs and has another one for Oni Press called My Inner Bimbo. I started reading the Maxx by the time issue 12 was out. I can still see the cover of that issue. A very bitter looking, splattery, thumb shaped, severed head of Mr. Gone. Wow. I was a young lad and that story was kind of intense. Check out issue 32, you'll see a letter of mine in the back. Me and one of my best friends drew hundreds of Maxx drawings, it was such an interesting looking character to begin with and Sam could really get the most out of it.

Here I found the cover of issue #12!

Mike Patton influences me through his music. It's very encouraging to a mind that has desire to generate cartoons or weird imagery. The Faith No More stuff is great but it is structured and travels somewhat of a straight path. If you want to hear Mike Patton's mind and voice go free check out Fantomas, Tomahawk, and Mr. Bungle. Wow! I don't know if the guy is a fan of cartoons or not, but some of the things in that music flip a switch in my head. I hope he is a fan because I'd like to collaborate. The last Fantomas album to come out, Suspended Animation, takes it all over the board with cartoon sound and music as it's spine.

And in regards to the top picture. I love the rogues gallery of Dick Tracy villains. I will honestly say I never read a full Dick Tracy story, but I'm familiar with the art. For Gould to reach me with just that, he's really got a gift. He's well on his way to being an influence to me, I just need to learn more about him. Anyone know of a good Dick Tracy comic collection to pick up?

Riding the swift weekend horse (they always go so fast)

-Mad Taylor


william wray said...

BP was so good he got to be a rebel and get away with it. Not easy in this world.

kristen said...

mr bungle is awesome... i also love mike patton in lovage. i bet he does like cartoons

A. Maxwell Townsend said...

Doggone and dagnabit, that's a whoppin' big rabbit...

Rick Eller said...

just found this blog and was really groovin' on your artwork and then read this post and was knocked out o'mah seat when I read Mike Patton as being one of your influences. That guy is aces. a true inspiration both creatively and for his work ethic. Another genius in a similar vein would be the late Frank Zappa. Very cool music for channeling your inner cartoonist!