Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Cartoon Gold Mine

Evening all,

I've been given some animation magazines from the early to mid 90s which contain priceless articles and essays, between these and the ASIFA Hollywood Animation Archive, I truly have come to California and struck gold. All through college I wish I had this stuff to reference. Maybe this was the right time to get these though because they are scraping out all the scum that tends to grow in your brain from 4 years of art fart school.

This picture of John K and Bob Clampett was in one of those magazines. You know that picture of President Clinton shaking JFK's hand? This in the animation world is eqivalent to that only these guys are smart and know better than to run for president and instead make the best cartoons ever. Bob was a great mentor to John, and through reading John's blog and some of his writings in these magazines, he's shaped up to be a damn good mentor as well. Listen to John and research Bob's legacy and maybe 23 year olds in their friend's garages will come across animation magazines that cover the resurgence of cartoon animation in the early 2000s and there you might be next to John.

Later on I'll share some newspaper cartoons I just finished up for a law school publication all the way over in Chicago. See you then!

-Mad Taylor

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