Friday, February 02, 2007

Hey Folks!


Have a happy weekend all. I'd like to share an old animation of mine. Not the best, but things started coming together for me when I did this last Spring. Enjoy.


Rodrigo said...

"I ain't cleaning it." Haha. Sounds like John Wayne.

Made in flash, correct?

Mad Taylor said...

It is hand drawn and scanned into Toon Boom Studio.

Clinton said...

How has Toon Boom been treating you? Is there any big difference between animating in Flash and Toon Boom Studio? I used AXA at AIFL when I went there, and it works about the same as Toon Boom I think. I like your artwork! What do you do over there in LA as an animator?

Matt said...

Toon Boom treats me well. Toon Boom and Flash do share some differences. Toon Boom is just arranged a little more for doing hand drawn animation. The interface really lends itself to animators too. Flash doesn't have a camera, and Toon Boom does. However, it's probably easier to navigate frames and tween things in Flash. Flash also has Symbols and stuff like that which come in handy too.

As an animator in L.A. I worked on a few shorts for political speaker Jim Hightower. Check it out here:
I did stuff toward the end of the episode that is up now: Bush picking up his perscription, the medicine cabinet and the mom and daughter getting arrested. Since that has ended I applied a few places and I'm in this weird waiting phase to see what they decide.