Thursday, September 03, 2009


Yo dudes here is a drawing of a dude.

Things are good, I have a new computer up and running at my place. I tried to install my scanner and the booger sniffing clown noses over at Canon never made drivers for my OS. So I have a perfectly fine scanner sitting there wanting to scan so bad. Dude, what a bunch of sad crap. If this is their way of making me buy a new scanner, well then I'll purchase an Epson. I have a lot to scan and show you all. I'll get on it quickly.

For now here is some new stuff.

I've also been busy with a project for my boring closet doors. When that is complete I'll post it up.


Marnie Brumder said...

scans your scetchbook!
Do you draw in flash?

Matt Taylor said...

Yep these are drawn in flash. And I got plenty of pencil and ink on paper stuff to show you Aaaagh! I gotta get scanning!

wolfboy said...

Whoah...these are great drawings, Matt. Your color sense is amazing--really like that "critter" post from awhile back.