Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wednesday's Mold on a Window Ledge

Yeah there is mold growing on the inside ledge of my bedroom window at my fantastic apartment. Luckily it is hidden by the blinds. Maybe even shielding my lungs from the horrificness. This place doesn't stop delivering the goods. I'll be out of here soon, looks like Saturday is a Pasadena lease signing day!

Aside from that some new stuff! None of which have mold :)

She is in a Catmare. The gym class dodge balls try to claw you. Or soccer with no shins about to kick that thing...ow. Maybe just dwelling along with the animal you feel you can embody the most. In any case you only get maybe two hours of sleep and have to wake up for the next day.

This next one I did in my sketchbook. It's about feelings, chain reactions, ultimate outcomes, stuff I like drawing, having fun inking, and Heroes being completely fucking boring and just slipping into being on in the background while making stuff.

1 comment:

Ashley said...

very nice! i like the dodge ball with claws.
glad to see you finally updated!